January 2007 Obituaries

Mary Jane Adams Of Arlington Heights  details

James D. Algyre, Jr.  Of Palatine, formerly of Arlington Heights  details

William J. Barnes Of Palatine details

Eleanor A. Brown Of Arlington Heights details

Charles T. Burney Of Arlington Heights  details

Yenson E. Chin  Of Palatine  details

Alice Irene Ernst  Of Fairfield, Iowa  details

Ruth Flatebo Of Grayslake details

Frederick George Franke

Of Marion, North Carolina, formerly Arlington Heights details

Jamie Lynn Harast Of Decatur, formerly Arlington Heights  details

George L. Ingersoll Of Palatine details

Bernadine Mary Growney Of Arlington Heights, formerly Chicago details

Amy Caryn Kaphengs details

Irving M. Kaliciak Of Arlington Heights details

Frances M. Lamantia Of Arlington Heights details

Dorene D. Mills Of Barrington details

Ronnie D. Moon Of Prospect Heights, formerly Morton Grove details

Pfc. William Robert “Will” Newgard Of Arlington Heights details

Pearl Malizia Of Wheeling details

Stanley F. Mensching, Sr. Lifelong resident of Arlington Heights details

John “Pat” McGahan Of Sun City, Arizona details

Henry V. Moore Of Buffalo Grove details

Thomas George Morvay Of McHenry details

Dzidra Ozols Of Chicago  details

Anne M. Phillips Of Arlington Heights  details

Helen A. Rosinski Of Prospect Heights details

Irene H. Rowland Of Mount Prospect  details

Lillian Sorlie Of Mt. Prospect  details

Cara M. Stansbury Of Arlington Heights  details

Virginia I. Waskowski Of Arlington Heights  details

Sheila E. Zanko Of Carbondale, Colorado details